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Why Does a Business Need a Website?

Smart phones, tablets, watches, computers. It’s no secret that technology rules our lives. And increasingly, consumers make purchasing decisions based on information found using that technology – that is, customers use information found online to decide what to buy and when to buy it. So, why does a business need a website? In 2021, it’s […]

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What is the Difference Between Copywriting and Content Writing?

There’s no getting around it – the words on websites matter. Yes, images make a splash, and super-functional UX design is impressive, but without excellent copy and content, a website won’t help your business flourish.  Hold up! Aren’t writing content and copywriting the same thing?  As you’ve probably guessed by now, the answer is, “nope.” […]


Why Are Images Important on a Website?

Ever wonder why images are important on a website? Studies show that users make a judgement about the quality of a website within seconds of viewing it. So, whether you manage a blog with 100 weekly visitors or a multimillion-dollar ecommerce site, you want it to look amazing.  As every one of us is a […]


3 Types of Website Graphics and When to Use Them

Graphics are an important component to any website. While the copy on your site is also very important, it usually plays a supporting role to imagery. Whether you’re selling products, teaching a skill, sharing a blog, or anything else online, website graphics are necessary.  Not only do users typically prefer images over text, but our […]

Hungry Media Awarded Spot in CIO Review’s Recent Top Ten List

It’s an exciting time at Hungry Media. Industry reviews were recently conducted by CIO Review, which named their Top 10 Providers of Web Design and Development Solutions. We’re thrilled to share that among the winners you’ll find Hungry Media! CIO Review magazine is a print and digital technology publication aimed at guiding top-level decision-makers through […]