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Website Terminology 101: Digital Marketing Terms

Designing and developing a website involves plenty of unfamiliar words and terms. While you don’t need to understand the nitty gritty, having a grasp on digital marketing terms is ideal for anyone embarking on a web design project. Here…
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Website Terminology 101: Web Developer Terms

If you thought standard web design terms sound foreign, just wait until you hear some of the most common web developer terms! But don’t worry. The basic terminology of web development probably sounds like gibberish to most people. Here,…
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Website Terminology 101: Web Design Terms

Do you hear people use web design terms and feel like they are speaking a completely different language? If so, you’re not alone. Honestly, the digital world has come upon us so quickly that many of us simply need some time to catch up.…
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Website Terminology 101: The Basics

Sometimes it seems as though you need a PhD in website terminology to complete the most basic of online tasks, and as technology changes so does the web jargon we need to understand. Additionally, website terms usually refer to items contained…