Wireframe vs. Mockup vs. Prototype
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Wireframe vs. Mockup vs. Prototype – What’s the Difference?

Language used during the software design and development process can be a bit confusing. Many terms are used interchangeably, even when they shouldn’t be. Here, we’ll explain the three often-confused components of the software design…
static website vs dynamic website

The Difference Between Static and Dynamic Websites (And Which to Build)

To understand the difference between static and dynamic websites, it is best to begin at the beginning - with how websites are delivered to your web browser.  When you visit a website, your web browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari,…
web developer terms
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Website Terminology 101: Web Developer Terms

If you thought standard web design terms sound foreign, just wait until you hear some of the most common web developer terms! But don’t worry. The basic terminology of web development probably sounds like gibberish to most people. Here,…
web developer lingo
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Website Terminology 101: The Basics

Sometimes it seems as though you need a PhD in website terminology to complete the most basic of online tasks, and as technology changes so does the web jargon we need to understand. Additionally, website terms usually refer to items contained…
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How to Choose a Font for Your Website

Designing your website involves so many considerations and requires more than a few decisions on your part. While the look of your text might seem inconsequential compared to the content of it, keep in mind that minor tweaks to font choices…
multimedia content
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What is Multimedia Content And How to Integrate It into Your Website

As technology is advancing, so is our ability to support decent multimedia content online. It used to be that the role of multimedia in a website was minimal. This is because the use of multimedia slowed websites down and caused more problems…
web design elements
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What Makes for a High-Quality Website? 14 Website Design Elements that Should Never Be Overlooked

It’s safe to say that every business should have a website nowadays. Whether your website IS your business or is simply a place for potential customers to access your contact information, it serves many purposes. Your website is a first…
app vs website
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Should I Make a Website or an App? Simple Answers in the App vs. Website Debate

When it comes to a digital presence, there are two ways customers can access a business: website and app. If you’re just beginning to establish yourself in the digital space, where should you focus your resources? Here are a few things…
why does a business need a website
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Why Does a Business Need a Website?

Smart phones, tablets, watches, computers. It’s no secret that technology rules our lives. And increasingly, consumers make purchasing decisions based on information found using that technology - that is, customers use information found…
Mobile UX Design
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10 Mobile UX Design Principles to Use When Developing a New App

You only have a few moments to capture users’ attention and prove to them that your app is worth their time (and possibly their money). This is where effective mobile UX design comes into play. Did you know that 75% of downloaded apps…